Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going Raw/Living Food: The Beginning of a new LIFEstyle

I've made a HUGE decision today. Today, is the start of a new chapter in my life. I'm slowly going to transition into a Raw/ Living food lifestyle. I may not go 100% raw right now, or ever, or maybe I will one day. Foods have always been a real pain. I eat them I feel sick. I mean, nothing seems help calm my stomach. I have acid reflux really bad. So, that's doesn't help anything. The only food group that wouldn't upset my stomach would be the worst thing any person could eat. It's sugar and carbohydrate's. I'm addicted to them. I really need to find away out. I believe this will help me. This is a huge step for because I haven't liked fruit or vegetables. We'll see how this journey goes.

I'm going to stay open minded and see where God takes me in this journey. I'm making this decision for many, many, many different reasons. Here they are....

1. Addicted to Sugar

2. Addicted to Carbohydrates

3. Really bad Acid Reflux

4. Always tried

5. Bad hair makeup-need healthier hair-
6. Overweight by 50 lbs. (tired exercise more than once) didn't work
7. Various health concerns example: yeast infections, headaches, stomach issues, not going to the bathroom.
8. Moody-all the time- never staying in one place in my emotions
9. Taking prescription's medication for ADD and OCD and Depression -don't like it-
10. Bad, very bad diet. I mean fried foods, pizza, bread, chips etc.
11. Digestion issues
12. Yeast problems
13. Bad nails
14. Out of shape-overweight-
15. Extremely unhappy
16. Just wanting to feel free and clean
Who I want to be....through this lifestyle change
1. Happy
2. Healthy
3. Free from bondage from my own body
4. I'm 22 in a 30 year old body
5. Balanced
6. Cured from Depression
7. 1/2 cured from OCD and ADD. Maybe cured from them over time.
8. Want to run a Marathon and going hiking again one day
9. Have fun with Life
10. Enjoy Healthy foods
11. Enjoying Life God created for me
12. Treating myself with love and respect
I'll be honest...its going to be rough. I'm going to have bad days. And, I'm going to have good days. I'm not expecting a miracle...I'm expecting some form of transformation's in eating habits, physically, spiritually. I'm ready for a HUGE transformation's. I need one and want one.
I haven't based this decision on a fling or a new idea. I've spent the last three months learning and growing my education on nutrition, food science, food politics. Educating my self about how our food is processed and grown. What goes into our food, and what is best for our body. I'm excited about this journey!!! Going RAW!! Wish me luck!!

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