Monday, July 20, 2009

Looking for jobs

Today was yet another failure of looking for a job. I've been looking for a job over a year now. Our economics is still very in a bad state. How can a person with little experience run up against the people who have many years of experience? I want to take care of myself and my health. However, I can't heal my body or anything else without a job. I want to strive and make a place for myself in this life. I want to impact people around me for the better.
Looking for a job is no fun and hard work. I'm just wasting away, while time moves on because I can't find a job. I know that last statement may have sounded depression. But, I am wasting away not in the sense of nothing to do. In the sense that I've gained nearly 60 pounds in a year in a half.
My parents have run up my credit card and maxed it out. So, my credit score is way to low to accomplish anything. It will take me close to a year to even buy a car even if I had a job. My college career isn't looking the way I want it be. I want to succeed in my life. I want to accomplish my dreams and goals. I want to make up for my mistakes from my past.
I wish, that money and politics wouldn't prevent people from achieving there dreams. What, I mean about politics is the fact there is a current level of identity to who you are in this world.
So, if you are rich you can achieve more. Rather than being poor and not having the advantages of wealth to impact your education and what jobs you apply for and get. Think have two responsible, smart, young people. One person has a college level education and just graduated, and the other person has life experience. Oh, and they are applying to Walmart position. Most likely the manger will hire the college student. That's what I mean about politics. No one is simply judged my character but always judged by experience. Now, I would hire the person with the post experience. But, that doesn't give me any chance at all during this economic crash.
Wish me luck, has I adventure of f to finding a job.

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