Monday, September 28, 2009

New Beginnings Again!!

It's been awhile since I've last written a post. A lot has happened for me since then.

I have my very 1st boyfriend!! His name is Drew. We have been dating for a month and a half. I've fallen in love with him very quickly. I keep telling myself to slow down!! To guard my heart. But, I just seem to do that. I feel safe with him. I feel that I can relax and be myself. When I'm with him..It's like I'm by myself except that I'm with him. U see I can only be myself when I'm alone. I hope that makes sense to who ever if any one reads my blogs. I'm more myself than anyone I've ever spent time with!

I have a growing interest in some new topics. I'm re-falling in love with computers, technology, PC and video games, and the card game magic: The Gathering. I'm becoming a nerd all over again. Since talking my medication for a year now. I'm finding that I'm becoming alive again!!
My world is becoming open and filled with adventure and life!!

I'm on top of the world. I will never ever say I'm doing good. I'm going to say, I'm doing marvelous or I'm doing fantastic! I believe that asking how people are doing is a good opening sentence in communication with others. Most people don't really tell how there doing. The question is so superficial! I do it all the time! Yet, I despise it!! I truly want to know how people are doing. This life isn't a walk in a park. We all need people to care about us. Show concern about us. I also hate our english language. It is superficial communication. We talk and walk...but do we ever ever stop and take time to show true honest concern for others.

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